While others are going global, we are going local where every meal is special

I used to live in a condo where I had a neighbour, one italian neighbour who made the best of the best lasagna, and she would make that and offer me a nice home cooked meal once a while. I said to her why doesn't she sell it to others when her cooking is even better than some restaurants had to offer. Later on I helped her put up ads on the condo bulletin boards near the elevators, she would be making whatever when she had time and make some extra money.
If you don't live in a condo, then you are probably out of luck posting an ad on the bulletin board. I see random ads sometimes on bulletin boards outside of supermarkets, but that's hardly a way to get the words out, you need a sales network catering only to the food industry, where everyone is there to look for yummy food. Mealspecials network is built with you in mind, allowing you to control the number of dishes you want to sell each day, and at what time. Many stay home moms and dads have already discovered the convenience and flexibility of using Mealspecials to sell their food creations. Set the time for meal pickup or delivery at 3pm so you still have time to pickup your kids when they get off school. Mealspecials allows you to limit your everyday meal offering to whatever you are comfortable in making, may it be 3 apple pies, or 15 california rolls, or some chicken wings. Whatever you are making for your family, make some extra and offer others your delicious creation and make a part time business out of it, it is that easy.
Putting out fliers in your neighbourhood even if it works, does not have the flexibility of allowing you to change on the fly what you like to offer everyday. You may get lots of calls asking unnecessarily when you like to take the day off, or when you run out of food to offer that day, or when you are away on vacation.
It is so easy to get started, you don't even need to enter any credit card information. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Best of all, for an introductory promotional period, you can test out our service by creating meal ads, many meal ads for free. Whatever you don't sell, you don't pay. How about that for a bargain!!!