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While others are going global, we are going local where every meal is special


Join our state of the art robust advertising and sales network catering only to the food industry, giving your patrons best of the best food buying experience.


For an introductory promotional period, you can try our service by creating meal ads, many meal ads for free.  You owe it to yourself to reach out and grab a piece of the pie, don't let your competition have an advantage over you.


You as the Restaurant Operator or an individual at home can decide what to sell and at what time.  Be a part time catering company in your neighborhood and offer your scrumptious home cooking.  Your neighbors will love you and you will be rewarded handsomely.


At Mealspecials and our partner restaurants nothing is more important to us than creating fantastic and relaxing dining experiences for our valued users, and introducing our users to the wide array of delicious and visually stunning dishes from all different types of cuisines.

We are in a perfect location here in GTA, where we feel fortunate to be surrounded by many wonderful restaurants that are also offering incredible customer service. We want you to benefit from getting to know many exquisite gourmet meals they have to offer everyday.

It is our philosophy that relationships with the people amongst whom we live are deeply treasured. Neighbors are respected and cherished just like family. At Mealspecials we love our neighbor restaurants, and we know you'll love them too!  

Too busy to prepare food today?

Why not choose from many of our healthy and delectable lunches our restaurant partners have to offer.

Why not bring your kids to karate classes, and then while they're busy learning this highly disciplined Japanese martial art, you and your spouse can relax and enjoy a sophisticated meal in a cozy yet upscale environment at one of our restaurant partners nearby.

We know your day is filled with nonstop events, may it be at the salon, going to the dry cleaner, eye care or dental appointments, after school education for your young kids, etc. Nothing could be better than getting all those errands done, and then partaking of your favorite cuisine, served with the old-fashioned attitude that 'the customer is always right', all discovered in one great mealspecials mobile app. You will enjoy wonderful discounts from many of our restaurant partners who are eager to showcase their mouthwatering dishes.

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